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New Work Colours Fringe Festival Edinburgh

Colours are part of the Oxygen events that represent the joint work of the University of Edinburgh and The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland that is curated by the Chair of New Work, acclaimed musician and conductor Peter Manning. Colours are inspired by the life work of Margaret Morris and are exciting New Works of artistic excellence by Artist in Residence  Vincent Hantam and set  to music by emerging Composers at the Reid School of Music. This work and collaboration was envisioned by Wendy Timmons, Programme director of the MSc Dance Science & Education at Moray House School of Education,  University of Edinburgh

4 performances are programmed for the Fringe Festival Edinburgh

  • Wednesday 14th August     22.00-23.00
  • Thursday 15th August         22.00-23.00
  • Friday 16th August              11.00-12.00
  • Saturday 17th August          11.00-12.00
  •                                Saturday 17th August         12.30 there will be a chance meet the creative team after the performance and discuss the work, this will be in Patterson’s Land Room G21 

Venue:  Patterson’s Land venue, Holyrood Rd, EH8 8AQ, University of Edinburgh, view at, Tickets are now on sale from the Fringe office Proceeds from this work will be used to create bursaries for Post Graduate Dance Science & Education  and Music composition Students at the University of Edinburgh UOE logo New Conservatoire Logo-1

This blog page will have regular updates about the performance and footage to give a glimpse into the whole creative process.

Vincent Hantam has been  Dance Artist in Residence at Moray House School of Education,  University of Edinburgh since September 2012 and this  initiative was  kindly supported by the University’s Knowledge Exchange office Exchange Fellowship programme and Creative Scotland.

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Follow the link to footage of the launch evening if the Residency in September 2012 at Adam House Theatre University of Edinburgh The Dancers performing in Colours include students from the MSc Dance Science & Education and dancers local dancers from the HND programme at the Morningside Dance Academy Edinburgh Chris Kidd, Tatiana Racine, Alexandra Bushway, Susan Harvey, Tomke Veehuis, Tessa Goodwin, Peter Twyman, Lauren Fekete, Catriona Douglas, Hayley Brown Musical Composers are: Dimitrios Papageorgiou, Harry Whalley, Derek Williams, Kat Bouch, Alex Campbell-Hunt, Alex Cutteridge, Matthew Giannotti,, Tang Yashu,, David Wilson & Richard Worth and are lead by Professor Peter Nelson , Head of Music,  Reid School of Music, University of Edinburgh Costume design The costumes for colours are being designed and made by Jessi Eichberger, Amanda Mattes, Kate Hamilton and Emily Beany who are Costume  Design students at Edinburgh College of Art, University of Edinburgh. For information and updates about the costume design follow About Colours

The choreographic work will explore and develop the quality and artistic integrity of the moving body whilst reflecting a societal and cultural landscape in Scotland. The underpinning approach of MMM is key in developing the choreographic medium and will be scoped to allow a range of dancers at different stages in their careers to realise and achieve peak quality and expression through the movement. This approach to the work will provide augmented access to excellence and an artistic understanding of quality in dance performance and will allow the audience to access artistry through the quality and expression of movement

About Vincent Hantam

Vincent is from South Africa and danced most of the principal roles with Scottish Ballet from 1975-1991. He is best remembered for his Spectre De La Rose, Mercutio and Romeo in Romeo & Juliet and many more. Vincent has performed with many companies both locally and on the international stage. He has produced many ballets for various companies including O’Caritas from Peter Darrell, Nutcracker, Sleeping Beauty (Act III) and Othello. Although he still dances, it is his teaching that makes him so popular both locally and abroad, talking about the Artist in Residence post at Moray House School of Education, University of Edinburgh and the New Work he is developing, he says…..

Following my career as principle dancer and ballet master in Scotland and Internationally, I am now looking to take full advantage of  this very fortunate and rich experience and further develop my art as a choreographer. The choreographic medium I have chosen to work in is an area in which I have been drawn in to latterly as a mature performer and teacher. It is inspired by the life work and philosophical approach to movement developed by Margaret Morris in the 1930’s (MMM), although in many aspects contrasting to the classical background I was raised in,  it is also aesthetically complimentary and draws on my own artistic pleasure and fascination for natural movement. The psychological and physical demands of this movement genre are unlike other dance forms, MMM is, and should be, accessible to all. My aim is to bring together, this established yet,  in many accounts, uncharted movement approach with my own expertise and joy for dance and to re-establish it as an inclusive art form that crosses ages, cultures and identities and to make it readily accessible for a wider creative community”

He goes on to explain…

“I have enjoyed a full and long career as a dancer, now it is my time to give back, this is my motivation to  inspire and lead others to experience the joy of movement. As an artist I now have the maturity and integrity to be able to do this and the thirst to develop as a choreographer and creator of dance. I am fortunate in that I have been granted this one year residency at the University of Edinburgh. This has allowd me studio time,  access to important archives, a mentor (Wendy Timmons) and music compositions in collaboration with Professor Peter Nelson for the New Work. During this creative choreographic process, we intend to explore the purpose and potential of developing a culture of interdisciplinary artistic practice between other academic disciplines at the University for example, Education, Health Sciences, Music and Art”.

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